Construction Updates & FAQs


The opening of our Fitness Center and Locker Rooms has marked a real milestone. We hope that you are enjoying the new equipment and new space. There are still items that need to be completed and work to be done in this area. Thank you for your ongoing feedback and patience. We are listening.

Completion of the Aquatics Center is moving along and we will keep you posted of the opening date. Swim lessons are scheduled to begin on June 10. Look for a brochure coming out later this month with details related to lessons. Summer is a great time to learn to swim and we are offering group, private and semi-private lessons for all ages and abilities. The schedule for the pool will be available soon and you will be able to find the details and updates on our website here.

As you can see, the front entrance has been moved to the side of the building on St. Paul Avenue. Please follow the signs and be careful to follow the correct walking paths. With construction, the parking lot is more crowded, so please enter slowly when making a right turn from St. Paul Avenue to the parking lot.

Thank you, again, for your support through this phase of construction. This next phase will be the most visible and impactful part of the project and we appreciate your patience. When you enter, take note of the renderings of the Creative Arts Wing. This new wing will include our renovated theater and social hall with tiered seating, new lighting and sound. Plus, our new lobby, kitchen and programming rooms, especially designed for arts programming will make our St. Paul JCC the hub for Jewish cultural arts programming.

Construction Update: April 2, 2018


We are pleased to announce that the new Fitness Center and Locker Rooms will be open for business on Monday, April 9! Our beautiful, new, state-of-the art facility features large windows, spaces for stretching, access to the track, towel service and new equipment with all the bells and whistles! When you arrive, please follow the signs. We will be here to help direct you.


Our new Locker Rooms include sauna, steam room, spacious changing areas, bathrooms, showers and new lockers with locks for day use (no more bringing your own locks!). The new All-Gender Locker Room features private changing rooms, some of which include shower and toilet. Remember – you no longer need to bring a towel from home. We will provide towels for all our members. Each locker room will have other special amenities as well. Feeling spoiled yet? There’s more!

In addition, we have added lockers with locks outside the main Locker Rooms, Fitness Center and Studio 1 for your convenience.

Please note – although we will be open, there may still be some last minute work being done in these new spaces. This should not impact your experience, and we appreciate your ongoing patience.


We are looking forward to the opening of our new Aquatics Center in May. We will keep you posted with the exact date of opening and the schedule for aquatics classes. Get ready to jump in!


Construction will begin the week of April 9 on the new entrance and the Cultural Arts Wing.  Everyone will enter the building through our new temporary entrance. Please follow the posted signs. While it will be a little farther walk into the building, it will be accessible to all. Please note – during this time, the entrance to the parking lot from St. Paul Avenue will be closed and you will need to enter from the Davern Street Entrance.


We thank you for all of your patience and support through this exciting process. If you are as excited as we are, please stop by on Sunday, April 8 from 1 – 3 PM to take a peek. Our beautiful new Fitness Center opens Monday, April 9 at 5:30 AM and we can’t wait to see you here!


Construction Update: February 15, 2018

Today is another great day here at the JCC – there’s a book discussion down the hall, camp registrations are filling up, basketball season is in full swing, fitness classes are really moving and everyone seems to be smiling! And, all of this during construction!

If you haven’t been here lately here’s an exciting update:

The North Commons:

  • The elevator and stairs are complete
  • You can see St. Paul Avenue from our beautiful windows and the sunlight is streaming in

  The Aquatics Center:

  • Our new 4 lane lap pool now has a floor and walls and we will soon begin building the recreational pool
  • The inside walls have been painted and the windows to the outside and overlooking the pool from the fitness center are in

  The Fitness Center:

  • We now have a new functioning elevator and the staircase from the lower level to the new center is complete
  • The walls and windows are up and we are beginning to run the electrical throughout the facility
  • Equipment will arrive by mid-March

Locker Rooms:

  • The walls are in place, tile is being installed, the shower stalls are in, ceiling grids are being done and the sauna and steam room are coming along nicely – you are really going to enjoy them!
  • The lockers are one their way and floor tile should be here in the next few weeks

Front Desk Area:

  • You may have noticed that there is a big construction wall up by the Front desk. The old staircase has been removed and a floor is being built for the new art gallery
  •  There will be a lounging area for members to gather below.

We are so grateful to you, our members, for your patience, loyalty and positivity throughout this process. As we approach the opening of the Fitness and Aquatics Center, please encourage your friends and neighbors to come check us out. We are only offering Charter Memberships through the end of March, so there has never been a better time to join. Plus, refer a friend and you will receive a $25 gift card!

Thank you being a valued member of the St. Paul JCC!


Construction Update: January 2, 2018

If you haven’t been to the St. Paul JCC lately, you will be amazed! The New North Commons Area on St. Paul Avenue is now completely enclosed and you will be able to see the beautiful windows that will bring light and energy into our reimagined JCC! This area will open by January 5 which means you be able to walk down the new staircase or ride the elevator (no key required) to the lower level. There is a lovely new unisex bathroom on the lower level for added convenience. This new North Commons Area is open from the main level to the bottom floor and sunshine shines through the windows to the lower level. Although we are still under construction, you will truly be able to visualize what to expect when everything is done. Shortly after the North Common Area opens they will be removing the old staircase.

Our hope is to open the that the locker rooms and the Fitness Center by April 1, with the pool opening shortly thereafter. As you know, construction can run a little late so please be patient with small changes in the schedule:

  • The Fitness Center has a floor and the roof is complete
  • The locker rooms now have walls and you can begin to see how they will look
  • The back staircase to the Fitness Center is in place
  • They are beginning to dig out the pool and enclose the whole pool area.
  • The family changing room is coming along well.

Our new JCC will provide opportunities for more programming in all areas of the J. But, what are some things you can expect when the new 25 yard pool opens?

  • more water fitness classes
  • dedicated lap lane(s)
  • new water slide
  • zero depth pool
  • swim team
  • swim lessons
  • basketball hoop next to the water
  • pool viewing area
  • whirlpool on deck
  • towels provided for all areas
  • special water features in the recreational pool
  • and, lots of natural light!

Please note that we now painting the new pool area ceiling, which means the entire building could smell of paint. If you are sensitive to the smell of paint, please know that we are doing whatever we can to eliminate any odors as quickly as possible.

In April we will begin construction at the front end of the building and creating the new entrance (the side of the building that faces Davern Street). This part of the project is very exciting and includes the new Arts Wing – theater, more flexible space for cultural arts programming, music library, space for Suzuki lessons and a kitchen.

Thank you all for your support and patience, 2018 is going to be an exciting year for our community as we see our shared dream become a reality.  Wishing you all a Happy New Year.



Construction Update: October 31, 2017

Have you been to the JCC lately? Check out the progress –  Our reimagined St. Paul JCC is happening before our eyes!


  • The roof is now on the new structure on the St Paul Ave. side of the building and it will not be long before it is completely enclosed and windows will be added. This will be a beautiful showcase of our building to those driving down St. Paul Ave. and will host our new North Common areas. This new space will include a new elevator, stairs, lounge and coffee area, plus exhibition space for additional artwork.
  • While you can’t see the back of the building, we are making great progress and it should be enclosed by the end of November. The final beams are coming in and the Fitness Center is becoming a reality.
  • What is the Aquatics Department going to look like when it is done? Good question! In addition to lap swim, the lap pool will also be the home of our water classes. The zero depth recreational pool will include several water features including a new water slide! The three bodies of water will be separated by deck space that will include the new Whirlpool and plenty of open space for everyone. Finally, there will be a viewing area into the pool for people to relax while their children are in lessons or participating on the swim team.


  • Beginning Monday, November 6, the St. Paul Ave. entrance will be closed and everyone will enter through the Davern Street entrance. There will be signs directing you around the entrance and throughout the parking lot. In order to minimize confusion and congestion, please follow the directional signs. Note: we will be relocating some of the handicapped spaces; these will be clearly marked.

Throughout this construction process, we have appreciated your comments and feedback. We know that it may be challenging at times, but we assure you that the final results will be worth the wait! You are going to be part of the history of the St. Paul JCC in the Highland area. It has been our home and will continue to be our home for many more generations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by my office or give me a call at
651 + 255 4733.

Thank you again for all of your patience and for sticking with us!



Construction Update: September 18, 2017

The next time you are here at the J, check out the exciting progress in the back of the building. Things are really starting to come together and you can now see the shape of the pool and the locker rooms. The St. Paul Avenue construction is moving along and we anticipate that the entire building will be enclosed in the next month or so. Our reimagined JCC is becoming a reality!

In the beginning of October, the entrance/exit to the J from St. Paul Avenue will be closed. All vehicles will need to use the Davern Street entrance/exit. Signs will be posted in the parking lot to direct you.

Did you know that our new renovated Fitness Center will provide free towel service for members? No more towels from home! This is just one of the many great new perks of being a member.

There is no better time to encourage your friends to become a member so that they can take advantage of our current rates. Plus, for every friend you refer who becomes a member, you will get $50 off one month’s dues. After three referrals, you’re eligible for a $50 VISA gift card. After five referrals, you automatically receive a $50 VISA gift card. Click here for details of our referral program or contact Christina Mendelson at 651 + 255 4749.
Fall is a busy time in the Jewish calendar. Please note that our hours change during this season and you can find them here: Holiday Hours. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year.

Check out this video to see our progress.




The past few weeks have shown great progress and we are excited to share this update. Please note that all scheduled programs and services will continue as planned as we work our way towards our reimagined JCC!

  • Have you noticed the large hole on the St. Paul side of the building? We are now making way for the new stairs, elevator and beautiful common space.
  • The new pool has been dug out and we are beginning to see the outline of the pool and locker rooms. In the next few weeks, the walls will go up and we aim to have the building fully enclosed before the first snow fall.
  • After a fantastic summer at Talmud Torah of St. Paul, our preschool children are back and they are excited to watch the building project unfold as huge trucks and excavation machinery move right before their eyes. I am not sure who is enjoying this more…the construction workers or the children! We are also happy to have the Camp Butwin drop-off and pick-up back ‘home’.

Thank you, all, for your patience during this project. We appreciate your positive feedback and enthusiasm as we anticipate our brand new pool, locker rooms, fitness center, auditorium, and front entrance. It will be worth the wait!



We are making progress and it is exciting to know that every day brings us closer to our reimagined JCC!

All programs and classes are running as scheduled, but note that room locations may change to accommodate the construction.  We will have signage and staff available to help you find your way!

Please visit our Facebook page to see photos and video of the construction. We appreciate your patience and do not hesitate to reach out to any of us if you need help.



Beginning this Wednesday, half of the gym will be closed. All programming will continue as scheduled. Please follow the signs to the open half of the gym and to Studios 1 & 2.

Construction on the north entrance and the digging of the pool will begin mid-week.  We expect there to be noise during this phase. Earplugs are available.

Join our Facebook page and you will be able to follow our progress through photos and videos.




For those of you who were here last Monday, this marked an exciting moment as part of our building came down! What did we hear? WOW, SO COOL and EXCITING! We are really on our way. With the July 4th holiday behind us, here is what you can expect in the next week:


Throughout the construction process, we will work to ensure that we keep the building easily accessible to all of our guests. Two additional handicapped spots are now available, for a total of ten spots.


As you can see, some of the trees in the front of the building have started to come down in preparation for the new building. A new fence has been placed around the St. Paul Avenue entrance to ensure a safe exterior construction area.


The gym and track may be closed for a short period of time for safety during demotion. While signs will posted throughout the building, please check our website before heading to the gym. In addition, watch for the signs downstairs directing you to the two studios.
Take advantage of our new summer classes. If you want to find out more information, click here.


Did you forget to pick up your items that were left in your lockers? While we have tried to call those of you with left items, we have not been able to connect with everyone. Please note that on Friday, July 21, we will be donating all items to the Good Will.


Did you know that we are still doing massages? Massage services as available in the late afternoons and evenings. To make a reservation, stop by the Front desk to sign up. A massage – you deserve it!


Do you want to see pictures and video of the renovation? Join our Facebook page and you will be able to follow our progress.




Programming continues as scheduled, but may be moved to new locations. We have signage and staff available to help you find your way. Please note – beginning this Thursday, access to some of the weight benches and free weights will be restricted. Full access will be available by the following Monday.


Our temporary Changing Areas have lockers for daily use. You can bring your own lock or ask one of our Welcome Desk staff and we will take care of your locker needs.


If you find that it is noisy, we have earplugs available. You can also consider working out during a quiet time – before 7:30 AM and after 5 PM each day.


Construction walls have been built throughout the building. Please do not open any doors that are labeled a construction zone and stay on the JCC side of the walls. Your safety is our number one priority!


June 19, 2017 Construction Update


The St. Paul JCC is a busy place as we continue our programming amidst the construction. Here are some things you can expect this upcoming week:


The Early Childhood Center moved to its new temporary home at the Talmud Torah of St. Paul. The transition is going smoothly and we appreciate everyone’s patience. During this time, we are making some improvements in the ECC including a new sprinkler system running through the building and a new secure door by the Meditation Garden. When the renovation is complete, only ECC families will have access the entire ECC area.


Camp Butwin Drop-Off & Pick-Up and Before & After Care has also moved to the Talmud Torah of St. Paul today. Thank you to everyone for your support and patience as we make this transition. The buses arrived safely at camp for the first day of a great summer!


The pool, locker rooms and racquetball courts are going to start to come down this week. This means noise! We apologize and will have earplugs available. Or, consider working out during a quiet time – before 7:30 AM and after 5PM each day.

The temporary walls have started to go up around the building separating the construction side from the JCC side.  Please be careful and stay on this side of the construction at all times.


We will continue all of our programming, but expect some creative solutions to finding the right space! Don’t be surprised if you see members stretching outside of meeting rooms or warming up in the parking lot (where there are no cars, of course). I want to thank all of you for being flexible and positive during this time.


Our temporary Changing Areas now have lockers for daily use. Bring your own lock or ask one of our Welcome Desk and we will take care of your locker needs.


Can’t find your way around during construction?  Please feel free to ask any of our staff for directions.  They are more than happy to show you the way.


June 5, 2017 Construction Update

With the first week of construction underway, we want to thank all of you for your patience during this process. It is our goal to make this transition as seamless as possible and to keep you informed. Although you may not see much action at the front of the building, there is a lot happening all throughout the J. A new fence is now up by the Early Childhood Center and a construction trailer has been delivered. The pool is being drained and the plaques around the building are coming down and being stored for the new building. There’s a lot happening!


It is our goal to ensure that everyone stays safe during construction. Over the next week, you will see construction walls going up around the building. Please do not open any doors that are labeled a construction zone and stay on the JCC side of the walls. Your safety is our number one priority!


The transition to the new lockers rooms is complete and lockers are available for one day use. We have locks available for daily use and all items should be removed at the end of the day. If you did not have chance to empty your locker, please stop by the Front Desk and pick up your items. We will be holding them for 30 days and then will be donating all items to charity.


To ensure that our ECC children receive the best experience this summer, we have made arrangements to move the program for two months beginning June 19 to the Talmud Torah of St. Paul building located at 768 Hamline Ave S. This facility, less than 2 miles from the J, offers the perfect location for our kids during construction. For the convenience of our families, we will also use this facility for Camp: Before & After Care and Drop-off & Pick-Up. We are very lucky to have such a great neighbor.


As our way of saying thank you, we are offering five new specialty classes FREE to our members all summer long: Summer Bootcamp, Outdoor Core, Pilates for Gardeners, Nordic Walking and a Meditation One and Done. Choose one or choose them all! The value of these classes is over $300 and we hope you enjoy them. Visit our website for dates and times.


It has been our pleasure to answer all of your questions and we encourage you to reach out. Be sure to look at our website on a regular basis for updates and changes or call our Construction Hotline at 651+ 255 4753.

Thank you for being a part of our future, here!


May 30, 2017 Construction Update

Our Future Here Begins This Week!

At long last, we are breaking ground on our renovation project to create our transformed St. Paul JCC. As we enter the construction phase of our project, we promise to keep you informed along the way. Look for signs throughout the building to help guide you. And, of course, we are here to answer any questions!

As of June 1, the North Entrance, Swimming Pool, Racquetball and all Locker Rooms will be closed. Here is what you can expect:


  • Most classes and programs will run as scheduled.
  • As our way of saying thank you, we are also offering five new specialty classes FREE to our members all summer long: Summer Bootcamp, Outdoor Core, Pilates for Gardeners, Nordic Walking and a Meditation One and Done. Choose one or choose them all! Times and dates will be announced soon.
  • All chair exercise classes will remain in the Auditorium or Rooms 107 and 108.
  • Group Exercise Classes, Yoga and Specialty Classes, held in Studios 1 & 2, will be accessible downstairs through the gym. Pilates will be held in Room 102, right off the main entrance.
  • Beginning June 1, you will have free access to the YMCAs for swimming and racquetball. You will be able to play racquetball at the Midway YMCA and the Downtown St. Paul YMCA; you will be able to swim at the Midway, Downtown St. Paul and West St. Paul YMCAs; the West St. Paul location has an outdoor pool for summer use. And, as always, St. Paul JCC members have reciprocity with the Sabes JCC in St. Louis Park, providing complete access to all programs and services. Simply show your card at any of these locations and they will scan it.


  • Temporary Changing Rooms will be open on June 1. If you need a lock for your items, please ask someone at the Welcome Desk. All locks are for you to use and return each day.
  • Two men’s and two women’s showers (one of which is ADA accessible) with towel service will be available.


  • For a quieter workout, we encourage you to use the facility weekdays from 5:30 – 7 AM, any time after 4:30 PM and all weekend long.
  • If you are bothered by noise, we have earplugs available.
  • If the noise doesn’t bother you, then take advantage of our slower times from 9 AM to 4 PM.


  • Please visit our website at for ongoing updates.
  • Call our Construction Hotline at 651+ 255 4753.
  • Feel free to ask any of us for help. In fact, your new journey to the Fitness Center, will take your through the administrative back offices. Our doors will be open to help.



Will the St. Paul JCC stay open during construction? 

Yes. We will be open and almost all of our programs and services will continue to be provided.

Will I still be able to workout and take my favorite class? 

Yes. The Fitness Center will remain open and most classes will run as scheduled. Check the website for schedules and updates.

Will I be able to change and shower at the JCC during construction? 

Yes. Temporary changing and shower facilities will be available throughout the project. The JCC will not charge or collect Health Center dues beginning June 1.

What will be closed during construction?

The locker rooms/health centers, swimming pool, tennis and racquetball courts and drop-in babysitting will be closed beginning June 1.  However, we have made arrangements for our members to use the YMCAs during renovation.  You will be able to play racquetball at the Midway YMCA and the Downtown YMCA; you will be able to swim at the Midway, Downtown and West St. Paul YMCAs; the West St. Paul location has an outdoor pool for summer use. Access will be available at no charge to our members beginning June 1. And, as always, St. Paul JCC members have reciprocity with the Sabes JCC in St. Louis Park, providing complete access to all programs and services.

Will Early Childhood and Camp be open during construction? 

Yes. While there may be a need to be flexible with spaces or locations, these programs will continue to run throughout construction.

How long will the construction take?

While we do not have a definite date for completion, the project will take less than one year.

How can I get involved and find out more information?

  • Check here during construction for ongoing updates
  • Call the construction info line 651-255-4753
  • Support the Capital Campaign. Every gift matters. Click here to donate