Our Staff


Michael Waldman

Chief Executive Officer, St. Paul and Sabes JCCs

Corey Kirshenbaum

Director Chief Operating Officer

Soni Cohen

Chief Communications Officer, St. Paul and Sabes JCCs

Jennifer Hladik

Chief Development Officer

Nicole Summers

Chief Financial Officer, St. Paul and Sabes JCCs

Lisa Rosenfield

Director of Youth and Children’s Services

Tracey Agranoff

Jewish Life & Family Coordinator

Regan McCormack

Human Resources Manager

Mary McCarty

Executive Assistant

Anne Rickert

Accounts Payable

Kate Gallagher

Fund Development Specialist

Kyle Koch

Customer Service Manager

Barbie Levine

Adult Services Director

Yulia Shteyn

New American's Program Coordinator

Lynn Schuleman

Infant & Toddler Coordinator

Barbara Brihn

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 651-255-4760

Robyn Awend

Director of Cultural Arts

Seth Ozer

Facilities Director & Safety Officer

David Hessler

Facilities Specialist

Floyd Adamczak

Facilities Specialist

Kelly Hinnenkamp

Senior Accountant

Anne Rickert

Accounts Payable

Sarah Hewuse

Accounts Receivable & Billing Specialist

Ben Forman

Registrar & Membership Specialist

Carolin Magstadt

General Manager

Anna Golv

Fitness & Group Exercise Manager

Tara Freiberg

Recreation Director

Norman Stanley

Technical Support Specialist

Sara Greenberg

Marketing & Development Specialist

Amy Hodge

Membership Specialist/Health & Wellness

Christian Klemmensen

Membership Specialist

Benjamin Savin

Youth & Camping Director