Our Staff


Michael Waldman

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 651-255-4731

Corey Kirshenbum

Director Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 651-255-4733

Soni Cohen

Chief Communications Officer St. Paul JCC & Sabes JCC

Phone: 651-255-4732

Barbara Nilles

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 651-255-4747

Jennifer Hladik

Chief Development Officer

Phone: 651-255-4739

Lisa Rosenfield

Director of Youth and Children’s Services

Phone: 651-255-4736

Tracey Agranoff

Jewish Life & Family Coordinator

Phone: 651-255-4759

Regan McCormack

Human Resources Coordinator

Phone: 651-255-4740

Mary McCarty

Executive Assistant

Phone: 651-255-4730

Anne Rickert

Administrative SVCS and Transportation

Phone: 651-255-4743

Lesli Launer Hines

Senior Project Manager

Phone: 651-255-4781

Mamie Vang


Phone: 651-698-0751

Yulia Shteyn

New American's Program Coordinator

Phone: 651-255-4755

Barbie Levine

Adult Services Director

Phone: 651-255-4734

Yulia Shteyn

New American's Program Coordinator

Phone: 651-255-4755

Sarah Hewuse

Mentoring Program Coordinator

Phone: 651-255-4746

Sarah Hessler

Early Childhood Director

Phone: 51-255-4758

Lynn Schuleman

Infant & Toddler Coordinator

Phone: 651-255-4757

Barbara Brihn

Administrative Assistant for the Early Childhood Center

Phone: 651-255-4760

Robyn Awend

Twin Cities Jewish Cultural Arts Director

Phone: 651-255-4745

Jonathan Gershberg

Twin Cities Jewish Cultural Arts Coordinator

Phone: 651-255-4753

Seth Ozer

Facilities Director & Safety Officer

Phone: 651-255-4771

David Hessler

Facilities Specialist

Floyd Adamczak

Facilities Specialist

Phone: 651-255-4788

Kellie Barton

Senior Accountant

Phone: 651-255-4776

Andrew VanWey

Staff Accountant

Phone: 651-255-4750

Janet Leavitt

Member Services & Accounting Associate

Phone: 651-255-4754

Carolin Magstadt

General Manager

Phone: 651-255-4763

Anna Golv

Fitness and Group Exercise Manager

Phone: 651-255-4765

Tara Freiberg

Sports and Recreation Manager

Phone: 651-255-4744

Christopher Whipple

Aquatics Director

Phone: 651-255-4762

Megan McClanahan

Inclusion & Accessibility Coordinator

Phone: 651-255-4772

Norman Stanley

Technical Support Specialist

Phone: 651-255-4770

SARA Greenberg


Phone: 651-255-4737

Christina Mendelson

Membership Specialist

Phone: 651-255-4749

Amy Hodge

Membership Specialist/Health & Wellness

Phone: 651-255-4764

Benjamin Savin

Youth and Camping Director

Phone: 651-255-4768

Bess Brown

Youth Coordinator & Assistant Camp Director

Phone: 651-255-4767