Be The Light!

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Join us for a Mitzvah focused Hanukkah event for the entire community. Supporting several deserving Twin Cities organizations, Be the Light will be a combination of collections, hands-on opportunities, and Hanukkah related activities.  Be the Light celebrates the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and allows us to bring light into the lives of others.


Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Minneapolis
Jewish Family Services St. Paul
Mount Zion
St. Paul Jewish Federation
Talmud Torah of St. Paul
Temple of Aaron
PJ Library


We will be collection items for Pajama Program, Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, Tubman, and NCJW-Periods Happen.

Pajama Program is a non-profit that provides new pajamas and new books to children in need, many who are waiting and hoping to be adopted. Many of the children we serve have been abused or abandoned, and have never enjoyed the simple comfort of having a mother or father tuck them in at night and read them a bedtime story.

Collecting: Pajamas for Toddlers and Young Children


Minneapolis Crisis Nursery was established in 1983 as a trusted resource for families in their time of crisis. Their mission is to end child abuse and neglect and create strong, healthy families.

Collecting: Diapers (Sizes 4 & 5 ), Pull Ups (sizes 3T & 4T), and Diaper Wipes


Tubman helps women, men, youth and families who have experienced relationship violence, elder abuse, addiction, sexual exploitation or other forms of trauma. Throughout the Twin Cities, Tubman provides safe shelter, legal services, mental and chemical health counseling, elder abuse resources, youth programming and community education, including public information campaigns to provide community members the information and support
they need to get help or give help.

Collecting: Snack Pack Items – Granola Bars, Chips, Cookies, Fruit Snacks, and Juice Boxes


NCJW – Periods Happen, MN actively works towards achieving menstrual equity in schools through research, menstrual product drives, and distribution. NCJW MN also advocates for legislative policy to ensure menstruating students don’t miss school due to lack of access to menstrual products.

Collecting: Menstrual Products (Tampons & Pads)


For more information, contact Tracey Agranoff, Jewish Life & Family Coordinator or 651 + 255 4759