Kids are our specialty; we’re professional fun-havers.

Our preschool curriculum is specially designed to encourage self-growth and confidence through hands-on learning experiences based on the Creative Curriculum.

Our preschool staff are well-trained in understanding appropriate expectations at each age level, as well as implementing a curriculum that enables each child to move at their individual developmental level. Story time, arts and crafts, games, science, cooking, free play, dramatic play, group time and elementary Hebrew are important in your child’s preschool experience.

Preschool special areas include music, Morah Tracey (Jewish Education), Shabbat celebrations, Fit Kids (physical education), Red Cross Swim Lessons and free swim. We know the importance of developing swimming skills in children; that’s why we’re proud to be one of the only preschools in the state to include swim lessons in the price of tuition.

In order to ensure the children in our care get highly personal attention, we keep our child-to-staff ratio low.

Preschoolers begin at 3 years of age.


Typical daily schedule for preschoolers

7:30 - 9 AMArrival/Free Play
9 – 10:30 AMToileting, Handwashing, Morning snack, Preschool curriculum/Specialists
11 AM – 12 PMOutside Play/Gym Activity
12 - 1 PMHandwashing, Lunch
1 - 3 PMNap/Rest
3 - 4 PMToileting, Handwashing, Afternoon Snack
4 - 5 PMOutside Play/Gym Activity
5 - 6 PMFree Play/Departure


Monthly Fees

Preschool Only (9 – 11:30)

2 Days(Tues/Thurs)$358
3 Days(Mon/Wed/Fri)$517
5 Days(Mon-Fri)$747


Full Day

2 Days(Tues/Thurs)$685
3 Days(Mon/Wed/Fri)$1030
5 Days(Mon-Fri)$1529


This program is fully licensed by the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services.

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact Sue Katsiotis, Director of Early Childhood Center or call 651.255.4758