Club J All Day

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The JCC is offering school-aged childcare this fall. In addition to distance learning support, the program includes a variety of fun and safe, schools-out-style activities which may include: craft projects, outside play, virtual enrichment programs from outside vendors, language support for immersion students, etc.  Space is limited.  For more information, contact Bess Brown at

  • ECC and school age childcare will be open from 8:30 AM - 5 PM
  • Parents may choose between two enrollment options: 5 days a week or 3 days a week (M,W,F); more options may become available over the next few months
  • The entire facility will be deep cleaned and disinfected prior to opening
  • Custodial staff will disinfect ECC Classrooms, Club J, restrooms doors & surfaces, push bars & door handles on inside and outside of the 2 playground entrances every 2 hours
  • Staff will be trained on specific protocols and expected to disinfect classroom toys, eating surfaces, playground door handles, cots and cribs, buggies, cars & large toys, balls or smaller items, sandbox toys. Club J will have totes with daily supplies for each child to use
  • ECC participants must enter through the West ECC parking lot entrance
  • Club J participants must enter through the East main parking lot entrance
  • Parents will not be permitted to enter the building; staff will meet the children outside
  • Parents must get their child out of the car seat and staff will bring the children to the classroom, where teachers will meet them at the door
  • Screening:
    • You will be asked a few health related questions when dropping off your child
    • Your child’s temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer
    • Please be patient as this process may take extra time to implement
  • Children will immediately wash hands upon entering the classrooms
  • Teachers will wear gloves when accepting items from the parents
  • Details regarding pick up and drop off for Club J will be provided in a future communication
  • Access to the ECC participants will be restricted to the childcare wing from the west parking lot entrance. Club J participants will enter through the main entrance of the JCC (East entrance)
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter the building; ECC staff will meet the children outside after parents get the child out of the car seat and will bring the students to the classroom where the teachers will meet them at the door.
  • Club J parents will also not be allowed in the building. Club J staff will meet the children outside after parents get the child out of the car seat
  • When weather permits, the playground areas are open for use with the following guidelines
    • Only one classroom on a playground or lawn at a time
    • The north playground is classified as 3 different play areas. The fencing distinguishes the play area boundaries
    • The playground will be disinfected between each use
    • Playground will be accessed from classroom doors only
    • The drinking fountain will remain closed and should not be used
    • Students and teachers will wash their hands as soon as they re-enter the classroom
  • Use of the Sababa Room will be limited to one classroom at a time with time between classes to allow for disinfecting
  • Club J 
    • Club J participants will walk around the building to access the playgrounds
    • Club J participants will be using the Club Room, Teen Lounge, Room A,B, C and G in the main building and the Gym
    • During this time the gym will be reserved only for Club J participants. It will not be open to the general membership.
  •  At this point the pool is closed
  • All lunches should be in disposable plastic or brown paper bags only
    • Soft-sided lunch containers are not permitted
    • Tupperware containers and silverware are not permitted
  • Teachers will wear gloves during all aspects of food service including when removing lunch sacks from the refrigerator and while serving the food; this includes any bottle service used in the infant classrooms
  • Snacks will be limited to individual serving types
  • All people entering the JCC need to follow the PPE guidelines that include:
    • Everyone over the age of 13 must wear a mask while at the JCC
    • Teachers will wear gloves when accepting items from the parent
    • All teachers will be wearing masks
    • Prior to the first day, all staff will receive extensive training on the new protocols we have in place
  • If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the JCC, staff leadership will follow the guidance from the Health Department that includes protocols for closing, investigating, cleaning and reopening
  • The JCC will communicate quickly and transparently