Swim Team

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Stingrays Swim Team

The St. Paul JCC Stingray Swim team is returning for the winter for members age 5-15. An exciting way for swimmers to experience a swim team in a positive environment. Coaches work with swimmers to develop competitive swimming skills like starts, turns and racing strokes while keeping the emphasis on fun!  



MONDAYS & THURSDAYS • 7:30 – 8:30 PM

$30 / MONTH
Stingrays Masters Swimming is a U.S. Masters Swim team hosted by the St. Paul JCC. Our goal is to help adult swimmers improve fitness and/or train for specific goals and offer active support for a healthy lifestyle through friendship and camaraderie. Members of Masters are training for fitness, open water swimming, triathlons, swim meets and other events.

Join our coaches for an organized practice for participants age 18+. This group is open to anyone and all speed and skill levels are welcome. Members can participate in a variety of ways including fitness swimming, local competition, and national and international competition. Each member can choose their level of involvement.




For more information, contact Christopher Whipple, Aquatics Manager
chrisw@stpauljcc.org or call 651 + 255 4762.