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Every Gift Tells A Story

Aida Zlatina’s Story Is a Story of Courage, Strength, Social Connection, and Community.
“When I came to this country, everything was new. I wanted to study and learn. I wanted to integrate.” Through the JCC, Aida was connected with a tutor and transportation. But, the many social programs at the JCC were the key that opened the door to a broad and diverse community. “I met and became friends with people from all backgrounds and circumstances. That is something I could never have experienced in the Ukraine.” Aida relies on the JCC to help her stay active, healthy, and connected to a community of friends. She rarely misses a social excursion like those to the Guthrie Theater Costume Shop and the Bell Museum, and she attends group fitness classes. When she has a medical appointment, the JCC provides an interpreter and transportation – assuring that she gets the care and understanding she deserves.

Aida recognizes the role that the JCC plays in transforming lives by supporting the Annual Fund. When asked why she gives to the Annual Fund, Aida simply said “Because the JCC is home.” 

People of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds rely on the JCC for reasons big and small. They look to us to connect with others, to support their health and wellness, and to experience the joys of a welcoming community center rooted in Jewish values. Perhaps most of all, they depend on us for programs and services that enhance their overall quality of life.

We rely on the Annual Fund to create stories, like Aida’s, by offering a wide breadth and depth programming. In addition, we provide over $300,000 in financial aid and programming scholarships each year, allowing our JCC to welcome the whole community. Membership and program fees cover approximately 80% of the JCC’s operating costs. The rest comes from committed community members like you.

Your gift, of any size, will allow the JCC to continue to make a difference for everyone in our community in ways big and small.



For more information, contact Jennifer Hladik, Chief Development Officer or 651 + 255 4739