JCC Endowment Funds


Leave your legacy at the St. Paul JCC.

The Generation to Generation Society is made up of individuals and families who have either established a named endowment at the JCC, made provision in their will for the St. Paul JCC, or named the JCC as a beneficiary of a deferred (or future) gift.


Establishing a named fund

To create a new fund, simply choose a name and a JCC program or service that your fund will support and our staff will take care of the rest. A general endowment fund offers the maximum flexibility to utilize funds in areas of greatest need, as determined by the endowment committee and the Board. However, your fund may be created to support any program of your choice. Funds have been established to honor a special birthday, anniversary, or to memorialize a loved one. We are happy to help you find the best purpose for your fund if you would like assistance.

Endowment funds serve to support the programs services and general operations of the JCC. Our endowment funds are professionally managed to assure the highest rate of return and protect the principle. The JCC spends only the earnings on the principle- allowing your gift to support the organization in perpetuity.   Endowment donors receive an annual report detailing the use of their fund and the current appreciated value. The names of all JCC funds are displayed on the Generation to Generation Wall of Honor near the JCC Front Desk.


Bequests and Deferred gifts

We are very grateful to the individuals who have made a planned gift to the St. Paul JCC. The most common type of deferred gift is an estate gift, but there are many types of deferred gifts. Please talk to your accountant or other financial advisor about deferred giving and its tax advantages. People who tell us that we are in their will and sign a Letter of Intent indicating their plans, become members of the Generation to Generation Society. Their name is included on the Generation to Generation Wall of Honor.


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Want to learn more? Contact Jennifer Hladik, Chief Development Officer
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