Project Campitheater



Make the Campitheater accessible to all and keep it the place where our camp community comes together for 60 more years. JCamp180 is providing challenge funds. If we raise $104,000, JCamp180 will give $36,000 to complete the project. Through this match Camp Butwin will be able to build a new amphitheater (lovingly known as the Campitheater), allowing this central meeting place at camp to be more accessible, friendlier for the environment, and safer for our campers. The Campitheater is the one place at camp where everyone comes together, where one voice becomes hundreds, through song, storytelling and celebration. So many of the things that define Butwin culture happen at the Campitheater. We hope you will consider helping us with this important project. Gifts of any size matter!




“Both of our kids are Camp Butwin ‘lifers’ – they’ve spent every summer at camp from Galim through Tzofim, and they’ve loved every minute. As parents, what we love the most is the culture of community at camp: the togetherness, the inclusion, and the authentic sense of ‘we are all a part of this.’ Every kid, parent, and counselor really feels that, no matter their age, religion, or background. The amphitheater at camp is literally the physical manifestation of that sense of community. So many of the things that define Butwin culture happen at the amphitheater. That’s why we’re so excited to support the campaign for the new amphitheater–it’s the space where the magic happens!”
– Ami Berger and Brian Lindeman