Community Events

community events

The ♥ of the community, powered by you.

We’ve been told it time and again; here at the JCC, we’re a community hub, connecting people across all backgrounds. We’ve always got an engaging and inclusive community event coming up.

Join us for our 2nd Annual Community Farmers Market. There will be local produce vendors, artisans, food vendors, activities for kids, giveaways, and much more!

Each June, join JCC community and staff members at our Annual Meeting. The meeting is part planning and part party, as we look back on all we’ve accomplished and look forward to all we’ve yet to do.

Fore! the Kids Golf & Games Benefit is our annual fundraiser to support deserving families with scholarships to attend our programs.

Founded in 1919, the Tzofim were the first Zionist youth movement in Israel. Today, the Israeli Scouts continue to bring a taste of Israeli culture to communities around the world through song and dance.

The second annual Twin Cities wide celebration that brings our Minneapolis & St. Paul communities together to celebrate as one!